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   The Bestmarker.com is a free online quick access manager based on the Gray Cells. With Gray cells will experience speed, composure and discipline. We will introduce the best website to you and you will introduce us. The Gray cells are designed for smartphones and touch devices. With Gray cells of the mobile Internet enjoy. Bestmarker with Gray cells is the best homepage browser for everyone in everywhere. In the age of communication be the best.



You can download the android Bestmarker application (beta 1.0) from here.




Features of Beta Version(Current version) :

Get instant access to the most popular sites in the world

Simple and quick to use

Permanent access to most common sites

Quick access to all the features of Google

Comfortable and very fast access to sites in the smartphones

The best choice for touch devices

Introduction to the functional and new websites

Introduction to popular sites in each country

Compare popular sites in different nations

Best complete for your Bookmark

Gery Cells Technology

Saving time

Websites category

Users comments

Proposal and introduced popular and functional sites in your country by yourself !

Quick access to your favorite football team website

Completely free

Cheap advertising

Made in Ghasreshirin, IRAN




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